Lifting equipment

scissor lift

Why invest in lifting equipment?

Lifting equipment is often an essential requirement in order to process and move  materials too heavy to handle, but it also serves to protect employees form muscular skeletal injuries and allows more efficient production methods to be adopted. There are many different types of lifting equipment depending on the job requirements and facility related factors, space, height, area etc. Below are some examples of types of lifting equipment we regularly supply.

What types of lifting equipment do we provide? Here are some examples...

Cranes - dependant on your facilities and job requirements there is a wide range of cranes we can provide including:

  •  Floor mounted swing jib cranes
  • Overhead bridge cranes
  • Gantry cranes
  • Light duty cranes

Hoists - there are many situation where hoists are the ideal solution be it part of the production process for moving heavy components or maintenance purposes such as removing and replacing heavy drive motors etc. below are some variations we often install:

  • Motorised hoists
  • Manual hoists
  • Fixed stationary hoists
  • Wheeled hoists
  • Ceiling lifts 

Scissor lift platforms - lifting platforms are ideal for raising work pieces for ergonomic reasons or trolling parts up and down to work platforms. lift platforms can be peddle operated remote controlled, manual or automated. 

Whatever your lifting needs we will be able to help you achieve them. See below for contact details.

Material handling equipment

robotic material handling equipment

Why invest in material handling equipment?

All employers have a duty to provide their employees with a safe place of work including plant and equipment. Not only does material handling equipment help satisfy these duties it also increases production efficiency saving time and money by reducing handling time, helping prevent expensive personal injury claim for repetitive strain and other related manual handling injuries as well as opening new doors to more efficient production methods such as the ability to handle larger preconstructed components simplifying product construction etc.

What types of equipment can we provide?

There is a never ending range of material handling equipment available for the production industry, some of the most common we provide include: 

Manipulators - these can be motorised, pneumatic or hydraulically powered. manipulators help to remove the risks associated with material handling while maintaining the dexterity and manoeuvrability of the human operator. 

Ideal for variable processes and those requiring a greater area of reach. There are many manufacturers depending on your budget. We highly  recommend Dalmec Industrial Manipulators as a high quality trusted manufacturer of material manipulators.


Turn tables - These may be electrically or Pneumatically powered, can be produced in vast range of sizes, and used for various applications e.g. turning docks for lorries etc. or small workpiece turn tables for workstation ergonomics. Whatever the application we will be able to assist in the correct selection and installation of a turntable that fits your specific needs.

Bespoke handling aids - manufacturers cannot imagine every eventuality, sometimes a little extra help is needed to tailor equipment to your specific needs. Here at Trackfit Engineering Ltd. we understand that every process is different and that attention to detail is how to achieve maximum results. We work with our customers to ensure these small details are considered to ensure you get the most out of the equipment we provide. Whether for maintenance purposes or as part of contingency plans in case of product variations etc. bespoke handling aids can be a great way to overcome such hurdles.

Robotics - robots remove the human element making them the safest and most consistent means of carrying out meticulous material handing tasks reliant on precise results. With Applications from spray booths to fine tolerance assembly they are a worthwhile investment for your business - use the following link to our trusted partner Cleveland Systems Engineering    for more details on robotics.

Are you are looking to invest in any of the above? Or simply want some advice? We'd love to help