Perkins Engines - Caterpillar Group

Project - Teir IV Transportation System

This £5m project commenced in March 2009 for completion end 2010. The project was successfully completed following installation of over 240t of steelwork, 70t of under-guarding and 3km of conveyor. The project  was completed on time and the financial management was deemed a great success gratified by the customer. 

The system was developed to maximise floor space by clever innovative design. We were able to suspend approx. 90% of the system from the factory roof structure, allowing free space for production activities below. We had to over come significant hurdles to achieve this, such as reinforcing the roof structure to cope with the added load, and to ensure the safety of factory workers operating below we installed 70t of under-guarding stretching almost the entire 3km of conveyor system. 

This system also incorporated: floor mounted conveyor systems using 11 lifts and drop sections for seamless transfers; multiple on and off load areas; 4 maintenance divert lines to service and repair engine carriers; process conveyors to carry engines through finish assembly, pre-treatment, paint, flash off, cure and the balance of the assembly operations through to logistics.

Almost 200 engine carriers where fed in to the system, with the entire system automatically and manually controlled via PLC controls installed and commissioned by out trusted electrical and control systems partner Cleveland Systems Engineering Ltd.


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Empress State Building

33rd floor revolving restaurant/bar

Trackfit Engineering was given the monumental task of installing an 18 metre turntable on the 33rd floor of the Empress State building west London. 

The purpose of the 18 x 3 metre turntable (visualise a doughnut shape) was to create a restaurant/bar area revolving around a central cocktail bar with seating positioned on the outer perimeter providing spectacular views over London.

Installing the turntable

The turntable was constructed of a large steel frame set into a shallow pit, guided and driven by spring loaded tension/powered drive units.

The fundamental principles of turntables are not dissimilar to conveyor systems meaning our specialist knowledge was used to great effect, resulting in a seamless installation and continued smooth operation to this day.

A tower crane was used to transport the materials to the 33rd floor were they could be manoeuvred into position. The floor surface was made up of thick plywood boards covered with a carpet to suit the restaurant decor.

Trackfit Engineering was thanked for the successful  completion and quality of service provided.

Cummins Engines Co. Ltd.

AGV Transportation replacement



•Sixty engine carriers, each capable of carrying up to 900Kg load. 

•Carrier drive speed to be variable from 1 - 60m/minute. 

•Working height of the engine to be adjustable in each work station. •Failsafe assembly operations using RFID tag data. 

•Facility to offload and reload engines at each station. 

•Connectivity with the plant’s MES system. 

Trackfit recommended an Electric Monorail System 608


•Order received in January 2006.

•Monorail System to be implemented and producing by August 2006.

•Production free weekends were to be used for first phase of the installation.

•High production volumes meant only 6 production free weekends.

•Final phase of installation to be during summer shutdown in July/August 2006.

•Only 2 weeks for shutdown and production levels to be restored after 1 week.

•65 tons of steelwork and 600 metres of monorail to be installed

The £1.6m project was completed on target, on budget with a production uptime in excess of target @ 99.5%, which through our bespoke preventative maintenance programme, continues to be achieved.