Which Conveyor system is right for you?

overhead power and free conveyor system

Over head powered chain conveyor

Overhead chain conveyors work by a powered chain running through a track system allowing great flexibility in design including, changes of height, directional radius's, variable speed etc. 

The two main types of overhead chain conveyor systems are 'Fixed Pendant' systems, whereby a pendant fixed to the chain at regular intervals carries the load, and 'Power and Free' systems whereby load points known as 'dogs' protrude from the chain at regular intervals and push carriers, holding the load, along another track ( known as the free track). with the Power and Free systems the carriers are able to engage and disengage allowing them to be stacked on holding lines if necessary, or diverted for rework etc. These systems are versatile with many application through out industry they save floor space and allow for great control of the product.

over head electrified monorail conveyor system

Electric Monorail System (EMS)

These systems are popular due to virtually no noise pollution, automated and ergonomic manual control and excellent reliability. The compact overhead monorail houses the power supply allowing the floor space to be clear for production purposes. Automated carriers travel along the overhead mono rail, able to negotiate tighter corners and level changes with lift sections. The carriers are able to hoist and lower the load automatically and manually, not only ergonomic for work stations but also suited for situations where ground conditions prohibit forklift truck use. 

EMS conveyors can easily be integrated into other systems which is useful for example using the better suited powered chain conveyor through a paint line and transferring to the quieter more ergonomic EMS system for manned work stations.

floor mounted roller conveyor system

Floor Mounted Conveyor

The two main types of floor mounted conveyor systems are, 'Belt conveyors' whereby the load is transported on driven conveyor belts, and 'Roller conveyors' whereby carriers known as 'Pallets' specially designed for the load, travel on clutch brake rollers. this allows the pallets to stack and move independently providing greater control for the production process. floor mounted roller conveyors are therefore more suited if production workstations are to be sited around the line.

floor mounted conveyors work well in situations with height restrictions or where free access from above is required.

conveyor manufacturers


We work with any quality conveyor manufacturers to bring you a system that suits your needs. Schierholz, Hero - ATS Group, Eisenmann, and Stuart Gill Conveyors are some of our most commonly chosen suppliers however there are many more quality manufactures you may want to look at depending on your system specification and budget. The best thing to do is talk to us about your project and we can give you non bias professional advice on which system and manufactures would best suit your needs, click here for our contact details one of our project mangers will be more than happy to assist you.

conveyor maintenance

Let us take care of it

We do not want to simply sell you a conveyor system and head for the door. We are dedicated to ensuring you get the right system for your needs and that it continues to functions seamlessly. 

We offer a range of maintenance and inspection programs  that can be tailored to your specific needs. This may be planned preventative, condition based or reactionary maintenance schemes along with safety critical inspection schemes to help you comply with your statutory duties to ensure competent thorough inspections of your lifting equipment.