Structural Steel Work

The sky is the limit with the right knowledge and skills!

Structural steel

No matter how ambitious or complex your project is, we have the specialist Know how to achieve your goals. Our designers and structural engineers work with our clients and any manufacturers  involved to ensure the right structure is in place to stand the test of time. And with the ever changing world of production our designers not only satisfy what you need today but also consider future advancements and adaptability in their designs to make sure that whatever you need, we have it covered. 

All of our steel work is CE marked so you can rest assured not only are you receiving a quality service, but quality goods as well.

From larger structures

supporting steel structure

We provide structural steel work for any and all applications but specialise in the design supply and installation of structures to house conveyors and lifting equipment. Our surveyors and designers work hard to ensure their designs are structurally sound but also do not infringe on production activities.  All of our work is provided with structural calculation and where necessary is overload tested. If you have a project requiring structural steel work the you would like to discuss, especially steel erection in difficult circumstances (crowded factory, minimal production interference etc.) don't hesitate to contact us, our friendly team will be happy to assist in any way they can.

To the finer details

Mezzanine floor

We supply and install custom fabricated structures and components for all purposes be it, under guarding, mezzaninne floors, work platforms, stairs , ladders or tool racking, you name it we will design, supply and install it. We pride ourselves on providing a complete service and that means ensuring the finer details are not forgotten. Don't worry if you are not sure exactly what you need, as long as you know what you want it to do let us take care of the rest, get in touch to discuss you project further