Heavy Item Installations

Production machinery

Manoeuvring large plant equipment in busy crowded factory environments is not for the faint hearted. All of our plant operators are trained to recognised standards with the necessary skills and experience with in our installations team to safely plan and execute heavy machinery and equipment installations in a safe and controlled manner. For complex lifts we work to detailed lifting plans to ensure careful control is always maintained. Allowing lesser experienced an/or reckless individuals to attempt such work is likely to result in insufficient planning and the production of unacceptable risk.

Structural Modifications

Project planning

Often, alterations and modifications are required as is the norm with the ever changing world of manufacturing. Whether for creating more space or increasing the loading of structures. Any alteration or modification must be surveyed and designed by a structural engineer to ensure its integrity, and the work must be carried out by competent professionals. Here at Trackfit we can ensure such work is dealt with by experienced professionals giving you peace of mind that no undesirable surprises await down the line.

Structural Repairs


Whether for maintenance purposes or following damage incidents we employ highly skilled welders, fabricators and structural engineers to ensure quality, reliable, structural repair work is carried out. When necessary we use chartered structural engineers to survey and report on required repair work. Our welders are experienced professionals able to perform in the most challenging conditions. We provide MMA welding to qualification code: EN 287-1: 2011 and highly skilled TIG welding, on mild and stainless steel. Meaning we can perform structural metal repair work in the vast majority of situations.